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sascha michel and gale vincent

A passion for inspiring success fueled the birth of Galeforce Consulting way back in 2000. The consultancy was founded by Gale Vincent and very quickly were appointed key projects, including working with the HR heads of businesses on the implementation of a new HR policy for an oil company, co-creating a management development centre, executive coaching, design and delivery of a performance management program for an international publisher.

Over the past 13 years, Galeforce Consulting has been involved in executive coaching, team effectiveness and leadership development programs in the Charity, Public and Private Sectors. Many of these projects have come from a vast range of industries in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Recently, Sascha Michel joined Galeforce Consulting as an associate consultant. He brings a set of fresh eyes, insights and a new vibrant energy, necessary to grow a high standard of client solutions. Our ability to be nimble and flexible, presenting the innovative quality of work we are known for, continues to be supported by our international network of top consultants, who work in close association whenever the opportunities present themselves.

“ Galeforce offers a unique blend of skill, experience and solutions that is hard to find. The combination of business and professional expertise and understanding with practical, pragmatic and down-to-earth implementation made the projects that they worked on outstandingly successful as well as very satisfying to work on. They ‘get it’. They really are the next generation of consultants”

Employee Development Director, The Economist Group

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