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Steven Covey’s Urgent & Important Matrix expanded

Not getting things done? Well, take a look at Covey’s well established model and be honest with yourself…which quadrant are you hanging around in? Is this a blatant clue to the level of your productivity? Are you willing to own up to yourself, really and truly, if your results are not what you know they […]


Essence of Leadership

What is it? A signature program for discovering and enhancing the essence of your true inner leader through connecting with horses whilst working  in a select group of three or four participants. What will the programme provide ? This program provides participants with an insight into their personal leadership and behavioural style and an opportunity […]


A gestalt approach to mindful leadership.

We would like to introduce our friend Professor Paul Barber (PhD, MSc, BA, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist). Gale and Sascha both work closely with him as they continue to develop and harness their skills around gestalt facilitation, group dynamics and coaching. Paul Barber is a visiting professor at Middlesex University (UK) and University of Novi Sad […]


Process work, relationships and teams working together

Arnold Mindell talks about group process work and how individuals get on with themselves and the team. Process work is about relationship. Your inner work is important. Learning about the deeper side of yourself. Each group and individual defines the goals.

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