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Philosophy and Music

Philosophy and Music

Its that time of the year again at Hay-On-Wye when the Galeforce Consulting team shuttle down to wales to enjoy heated debate, mind expanding lectures and get our annual hit and inspirational MOT. When we are not at the main show we like to hangout at the fringe festival which we think is far more intimate and right up front with the action.With more than a hundred talks and debates focused on this year’s theme of Error, Lies and Adventure,HowTheLightGetsIn plays host to a selection of the finest minds in philosophy, art, science, politics and more this May. The UK’s most influential literary theorist Terry Eagleton, cosmologist and best-selling science-writer Lawrence Krauss, Booker Prize winner AS Byatt, eminent Cambridge philosopher Simon Blackburn, and internationally renowned author of Black Swan Nassim Taleb are just a few of the 180 speakers lined-up for our 10 days of heady debates and inspiring talks. Meet the foremost thinkers of our time in an utterly unique programme of debates intended to make you see the world differently.

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