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A gestalt approach to mindful leadership.

A gestalt approach to mindful leadership.

We would like to introduce our friend Professor Paul Barber (PhD, MSc, BA, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist). Gale and Sascha both work closely with him as they continue to develop and harness their skills around gestalt facilitation, group dynamics and coaching.

Paul Barber is a visiting professor at Middlesex University (UK) and University of Novi Sad (Serbia). He has authored ‘Becoming a Practitioner-Researcher: A Gestalt Approach to Holistic Inquiry’ (Libri Publishing Ltd & Middlesex University Press 2006), and more recently ‘Facilitating Change in Groups and Organisations – A Gestalt Approach to Mindfulness’ (Libri Press, 2012), and ‘Gestalt Therapy Reappraised – What My Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Never Taught Me’ (Liber Mundi, Bucharest 2012). He has an international practice as a psychotherapist and organisational consultant, and teaches group facilitation and organisational consulting on Masters at the Roffey Park Institute, and research upon the Doctorate in Psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute, London.

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 17.40.56Here is Paul’s work on the gestalt approach to mindful leadership.

“Work has the potential to be a mundane pursuit for survival, a social addiction, a drama of our own making, a self-actualising or spiritually up-lifting experience. At different times it is all of these things. In this essay I will raise to awareness the various realities we flow between in the workplace, so that we might deepen our understanding and broaden the way we intervene within coaching and consultancy. I will also describe the facilitative Gestalt model of leadership my coaching style is designed to create.”

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