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Our Approach

Galeforce Consulting provides extraordinary coaching, facilitation and consulting services to business clients to build skills, develop capabilities and accelerate productivity at work.

  • We will listen to you to understand your unique needs and design pertinent, creative and valuable solutions.
  • We will support and empower you and your business by elevating your skills, knowledge and confidence.
  • We will exceed your expectations by approaching your project with compassion, energy and heart.
  • We will continue our own personal, professional development and learning so as to continuously offer you the most beneficial, cutting-edge products and services.



“ Today there is a failure of what I call authoritarian leadership. Rather than look for new leaders, I believe we need to find our own inner leadership. When more people begin to discover the deeper part of themselves, then the world will be a better place”

Sir John Whitmore, Pioneer of Coaching and Leadership Development


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