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We help teams improve their effectiveness through interventions including:
  • Team Development: Creating cohesive teams by understanding their personalities, motivations and preferred communication styles enabling the team to co create solutions as it becomes a high performing team
  • Team Facilitation: Facilitating processes and discussion to help teams effectively explore and solve business issues to help achieve their objectives
  • Team Coaching: Coaching teams, top teams and their leaders to deliver sustained performance improvements.
  • Action learning sets: supporting leaders to re-design services and make transformational change
We will work with you and your teams to:
  • Build and consolidate relations in the team through greater self-awareness and shared understanding of team diversity and how it impacts team dynamics.
  • Build commitment and alignment around the collective business challenge at hand and define what it requires in terms of team performance.
  • Build an understanding of team-based ways of working and the benefits for managing and leading.
  • Identify how to capitalise on individual talents, diverse skills, different backgrounds, personality profiles, individual leadership styles and how we can better learn from and support each other and enhance team effectiveness.
  • Identify obstacles that hinder team effectiveness and develop strategies to deal with these.
  • Identify and deal with any difficult underlying “elephants” that are blockages to team communication and performance.
Solutions range from several hours of board facilitation to team programs over months. These include:
  • Individual interviews with the team leader and team members in order to better understand the team context and specific issues facing the team.
  • Customising the program to suit specific client needs.
  •  Self-awareness assessment instruments selected to meet the requirements of the team plus any targeted pre-reading
  • Up to 3 day core interactive workshop with overnight reflections
  • Follow-on support or coaching and/or post workshop support.

“Work teams functioning at the higher stages of group development finish projects faster, produce products of a higher quality, and generate more revenue.”

Susan Wheelan, Building Effective Teams

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