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Conscious Leadership

We awaken leaders to the art and science of conscious leadership, which describes a state of leadership that is driven by emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and authentic communication and action.

The practice of conscious leadership allows leaders to become more focused on their behaviour and actions so that decisions are made with a conscious awareness of what drives them to success, what creates poor decision-making, and what will ultimately make them more successful.

Leadership is a skill not just learned in the workplace. Historical leaders displayed their greatness when they were taken out of their comfort zone and challenged on their personal assumptions and perspectives to rethink their self-awareness. The result? Better informed decisions, wiser choices and greater success in all areas of life.

How do we do this?

Each intervention is designed to meet the needs of each individual client and to take into account of their individual history and environment. However some of the theoretical elements, frameworks and exercises will be common across organisations. The design and cost of each intervention will depend largely on what you hope to achieve with the intervention, the number of participants, and the time that you are willing to dedicate to achieve these outcomes.

A typical three-day programme can been designed to give you insights into:
  • Your emotional and social intelligence
  • Your capabilities and unique strengths
  • Your leadership style
  • Relationship building and influencing styles
  • Personal branding, impact and authority
  • Your ability to view yourself from a broader systemic point of view
  • Your natural limitations and blind spots
After the course you will have a greater ability to:
  • Redefine your notion of leadership as originating from the essence of who you are as a person and how you impact others, going beyond competencies and skill building to character and personal development.
  • Understand yourself more deeply and be more curious about, yourself and your inner resources.
  • Exercise more flexibility and choice in how you lead and impact others.
  • Be more aware of what influences your behaviour as a leader.
    Have a sense of ownership of your own learning and the choices available to you in furthering your transformation.
  • Have a personal framework for your strategies for purposeful action


“Our approach enables individuals to raise their awareness and improve relationships, performance and happiness.”

Gale Vincent, founder

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