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Personal Effectiveness



We help individuals improve their personal effectiveness through interventions including:
  • Individual coaching : in a confidential and safe setting, conversations that will enhance the quality of life personally and at work.
  • Self-awareness profiles: from a selection of preferred instruments , which support individuals with valuable insights on range of perspectives including their strengths, personality preferences & defences.
Our coaches will work with individuals to:
  • Develop self knowledge and have a good sense of self‐awareness by starting  to look inwards first.
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Successfully understand other people
  • Be able to build rapport
  • Value diversity from an informed place and overcome differences with others
  • Improve communication
  • Fulfill their potential
  • Develop leadership effectiveness.
  • Know what they want, how they might get it, put it into sustainable action and be aware of any blockages to success and how to deal with them
Short to longer term programmes either face-to-face or over the telephone. These include:
  • Customising the coaching program to suit specific needs
  • Pre-work in preparation for the first session
  • Self-awareness assessment instruments
  • 3-way meetings with line managers and/or HR
  • 360 deggree feedback
  • Observation in group settings or meetings
  • Sessions that can range from 45minutes to half a day.
  • Application of learning between sessions
  • Recommended reading

“Our approach enables individuals to raise their awareness and improve relationships, performance and happiness.”

Gale Vincent, founder

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